Cherrybomb ep.

Опубликовано: 2022 дня назад ( 9 марта 2014)
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Cherrybomb ep. 1 @ Vienna Masters of dirt
Cherrybomb ep. 1 @ Vienna Masters of dirt
Merida and presents. In february 2013 Pavel Alekhin visited Masters of Dirt show at Vienna. He is the first Russian MTB-freestyle rider to take part in a such world-level event. Cherrybomb ep. one is covering Pavel's life and thoughts about riding and freestyle industry by following him through M.O.D. backstage and lifestyle. Video by Alex Bivol Adittional slow-motion shooting by Ryszard Syryczyński *** Merida и представляют. В феврале 2013 года Павел Алёхин посетил ш
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